Investigations, Inspections and Compliance

Clients and corporations call upon us to investigate a broad range of allegations, such as fraud and corruption, money laundering, thefts of trade secrets, accounting and financial reporting issues, and employee misconduct. We also provide clients with in-depth investigative due diligence and business intelligence, and evaluate and create effective compliance situations.

We can offer a multidisciplinary and thoughtful approach to investigations, providing law firms, financial institutions, government regulators, multinational corporations, and other organizations worldwide with actionable intelligence and expert advice.

Our compliance and investigation service covers also various types of inspections before during and after any production process for any kind of sectors. With our quality control team, we will enable you to get the exact outcome with exact material and in right time.

Our teams will be fulfilling various audits in accordance with the demand and requirements that we will get from your purchasing department. You will be provided with detailed reports and certificates on the materials used during production, various test results of the products you will be getting and pictures and videos taken from the field showing you the products, finishing and their tests