Consumer Goods

HLC provides economic, financial, competitive, and strategic analyses for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of consumer products and services. Our economic and investigative expertise and deep factual understanding of consumer markets allow us to apply state-of-the-art analysis to such issues as mergers and antitrust, brand valuation, breach-of contract, and infringement of patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks.

We also work with clients to devise and implement strategies that enable value growth despite changing and challenging circumstances. We deliver fact-based and experience-driven insight on how to use strategic, operating, organizational, and financing levers in tight, integrated combination, to create value.

Our clients include manufacturers of consumer-packaged goods and durables and retailers, investment companies. 

At the moment, we’re helping clients develop antiviral packaging, accelerate production of goods in short supply and repurpose supply chains for those consumers in greatest need. This builds on the work we do every day with clients, to create new revenue streams, transform operations and build competitive advantage. Our capabilities extend from market insight and taking products from creative design through development and launch, to finding new ways to connect brands with consumers.

So, whether you are trying to maintain business as usual or dealing specifically with current challenges, we help you to: 

•    reinvent manufacturing and transform supply chains with new technology
•    design, develop and launch new products
•    cut time to market through more agile R&D
•    embrace data and digital technologies for better insight and control
•    make products and businesses more sustainable.

We combine deep industry expertise, fact-based insights and sophisticated analytics to identify solutions to complex issues and to build confidence among management teams so they can take informed strategic action. Consumer products companies partner with us to deliver strategies that drive growth, create competitive advantage, unlock profit and value creation opportunities, and mitigate risk. Our approach is highly objective and fact-based, but we also take extraordinary care to involve management teams throughout the process, as appropriate, to ensure full alignment.